Career Clock

careerclock This is an on-going series of short and sharp interviews with members of Championing Women. I hope these Career Clocks will give you ideas, motivation and food for thought in your own careers or of other people you support.

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Marit Hendriks

My Career Clock

Name: Marit Hendriks

Interviewer: Sally Higham

Where you are based for work and what do you do?

I’m based in Kent and I have a home office where I run an events and consultancy business. The consultancy is around events and also Broadband initiatives and delivery which involves understanding the appetite for high speed broadband. Continue reading “Marit Hendriks”

Alison Randle

My Career Clock Name: Alison Randle
Interviewer: Sally Higham

Where are you based for work and what do you do?
I’m based in Stroud, and I’m a development consultant and facilitator, and I support the work of volunteer-run organisations. I get involved in the governance, planning, strategic work and the scaffolding around the organisation so the people within it can get on with their work effectively. Sometimes I help them get over a tricky hump or sometimes it can be long term – I’ve been working for my longest-term client for 11 years! Continue reading “Alison Randle”

Louise Rainbow

My Career Clock
Name: Louise Rainbow
Interviewer: Sally Higham

Where you are based for work and what do you do?
I’m in Wiltshire and I’m a rubber manufacturer! We manufacture rubber components and balls. We are the only ball manufacturer in the Western World.

Did you train for a specific job?
Yes I’m a primary school teacher – obviously not what I do now… I didn’t train for this job in manufacturing. J Price Bath Ltd is our family business and whilst on maternity leave I was bored and thought my Dad, who was the MD of the business, had more on his plate than he should have. I started off with sales and customers whilst I was still in London. After a few months I got more involved at the factory and fell in love with actually making something. I love the process of seeing something started and then seeing it sold – from beginning to end. Continue reading “Louise Rainbow”

Katie… at the start of her career clock

My Career Clock and Education. University – is it worth it?
*Please note these are Katie’s experiences and her own subjective views and not necessarily the views of her peers.

Interviewee: Katie

Why did you want to go to University Katie?
I enjoy education and I want a good job eventually – but I also don’t know what else I would have done otherwise. I enjoy my subject, which is Biological Science. Continue reading “Katie… at the start of her career clock”

Professor Mary Watkins – Baroness Watkins of Tavistock

Baroness Mary Watkins

Mary has had a tremendous career and really shown how you can work your way up the ranks with support from the right people – both formally and informally.  Read about her experience in the House of Lords!  I must add that Mary is the most down to earth person and I greatly enjoy working alongside her in social housing. Continue reading “Professor Mary Watkins – Baroness Watkins of Tavistock”